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"Tiny K is one of the hardest grafters in the game, always looking to move himself and those around him to a higher level. Always representing his roots, and giving everything on the mic"

- Casey Hayburn

BBC Radio


Real, what is real? In the world of Tiny K, real is being true to yourself, your roots and where you are going. Expressing yourself but also being able to express what others may be going through and have no outlet for. Hard hitting, lyrically raw and an intensity that only comes from knowing the struggle and having the desire to move forward.

A tribute to the genre that inspired him, Tiny k’s sound brings all the elements of grime together, in a fresh outlook. Compromising of a shadow of the past but more importantly the clear path for the future of grime.  The louder the better allowing you to appreciate the artistry of both backing beats and tune, as well as the lyrical mastery.  Tiny k himself has developed massively over the last couple of years, refining his skills to produce windows down, system up tune after tune.

An unsettled childhood led him to pick up pen and paper to cope, writing poetry providing the perfect space for him to express the feelings that were kept inside. Then came the music genre grime, aged 11 Tiny K found the perfect backing for his poetry, relatable songs allowing a freedom that only music can provide. His teenage years found him struggling to manage in the school environment, troubles at home and he moved around and also found himself in trouble with the law. At 17 he was homeless, sofa surfing and trying to get by the best way he could. These life lessons that he had been taught from such an early age, his clear talent for stringing words together, not only in a rapid fire, but expressing the real truth of his story lead him on a journey to where he is now. At 19, he got serious about music, and it’s not surprising, when you find out you are opening up for Snoop Dogg at the 02. Since this he has worked tirelessly and racked up an accolade of enviable achievements for someone so young.

He has had local and national coverage by news providers, supported by Link Up TV, appearing in videos for Charlie Sloth, opening for Sigma, Fredo, Big Narstie, and the Capital Xtra Mainstage at Southbeats Festival, Tiny K is well on his way to make his mark in the Grime scene and further.

Versatile in his ability and talent, he recently received 1.5 million views on Lad Bible sharing his love of chicken nuggets and the golden arches.

Since then Tiny K has worked to create relatable, hard hitting and real music, this desire and commitment has paid off, he is currently patrolling the airwaves on a radio tour, about to drop his album ‘Sub urban delinquent’ and that’s just the beginning. Never forgetting who he is and where he is from and providing a voice for those in situations that don’t have one. The future is an exciting prospect for this grime artist as he plans on taking his dream as far as he can take it.


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