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Reggae/dancehall artist Shishco BoB is a very lively performer who has star quality


Shishco BoB born Michael Powell is a well rounded and grounded artist. Deep from within the parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica he found a profound passion and love for music at the tender age of 7 years old after he started listening to Dancehall and the sweet sounds of reggae music from the Island.

Aged 15, Shishco performed as ‘Mr Koopa’ and was spotted by Ralston Barrett, AKA RALLO in 2001, releasing his debut single ‘False Hair and Bleaching Cream,’ on the B.I.G. Record label. Shishco has remained true to himself with lyrics stemming from powerful observations to this day.

Taking his time to research and study what it takes to be a Dancehall/Reggae Artist, Shishco BoB practiced and developed his own unique style and delivery with performance skills to match, easily captivated in his performances.


Shishco went on to create dub plates for sound systems in Jamaica and the USA. He teamed up with award winning director & playwright, David Tulloch Aka Probe Master, appearing in Kingston in David’s plays, touring West Jamaica gigging and releasing a few unofficial tracks.

In 1996, Shishco and four other artists formed the R.A.W. Family- Real Authentic Warriors, creating dynamic music. Shishco,  was brought up with traditional reggae, veered towards the excitement of Dancehall beats, now his primary genre.


Shishco moved to Kingston in 2005, releasing his second single in 2006 and moved to London in 2010, forming a new division of the R.A.W. Family. Shishco recently recorded three traditional one drop tracks and has collaborated with artists of different genres. Recent releases include: Mek We Party (13K,) Get High, Caribbean (13K,)  and "Father Mi Love You" produced by R.B.DCruz which was his debut single with Urban Delight Ents, watch out for more from Shishco Bob for 2018.

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